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Special Readings

Jasmine is neither a fortune-teller or typical "psychic." She has a strong spiritual and mystical orientation. Jasmine's intuition is multi-faceted and complex. She has multi-level and multi-dimensional consciousness, sensing, and intelligence. In a session, Jasmine directly experiences pure energy and information that is preverbal and exists on a higher level than our three-dimensional reality, a level of pure meaning that precedes and creates form.

Jasmine also receives information on anything a person is dealing with be it spiritual growth, relationships, career, finances, health, Kundalini-energy, the rule of your soul , past lives, or your future possibilities. She strives to provide helpful answers to clients' questions, no matter what the topic is.

If you want to clearly understand certain aspects of your life, a special reading will reveal the details that you seek. You can choose any special reading you wish and you can select as many as you like.

  • Relationship Reading

  • Financial Reading

  • Angelic Guides

  • Health Reading

  • Kundalini and Creative Energy Reading

  • Past Lives Reading

If you want to know more about your deep problems related to the topics of the special readings, special readings can be requested after a Healing life Reading. All readings can be done with a photograph or in person.

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